hi loved ones! πŸ’—πŸŒ±πŸŒŸ

you open the door to the garden.

it's very quiet. you can hear faint music over the water, and some animals chattering, but that's it. it's glorious.

hey!✍️🌱there's a dirt-covered journal next to the flowers here. the cover says "JORTS' ART DIARY: FIELD NOTES".

you hear some strange beeping coming from somewhere in the grass. it looks like a strange little device, with the words "MEMPlayer" engraved onto it.

there's some guitar music, faintly plucked, coming over on the breeze. it's a bit of a ways away, but the clover on the ground is soft, if you're eager to see what that is.

from a different direction, you smell some coffee brewing. perhaps it's a coffee shop...

the receiver sitting snugly in your ear chirps. you can tune into the music coming over the hills if you want.

there is a cat patiently fishing and talking to the water...