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the gateway leads into a curious and cozy food district. there are tons of stores and restaurants that glow warmly and beckon you closer.

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it's me hehe!

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some songs about love, curated by me lol:

neighbours with banners

taking my time in adding these, but these are my neocities neighbours (and web neighbours) and who i think have lovely sites :) you can hover over them for more details

cool personal sites out there

elliott's computer - a site full of cool little projects, handmade goodness, and wonder for the world. i love the design.

kicks condor - one of my fave sites!! the feeling of shuffling through, like, a cyberpunk analog archive... they also have a monthly personal site roundup.

novov.me - soooo many cool links! definitely another place to get lost

weiwei xu - weiwei makes really cool projects and i am obsessed with like all of them

webrings & communities

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